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Music & Sound



Original Music

No matter what size project, original music and make or break your production. Get exactly what you want, within your budget and deadline constraints. License existing music for an even quicker turn around. Or, let us create original music for you. With over sixteen years of experience scoring for films, TV and commercials, we are sure to complement your project with the perfect music.

Audio Post

Audio is 50% or more of your project. Ever try to watch a video with bad audio? Pristine audio is our specialty. From dialog editing, to noise removal, we have you covered. Deliver the cleanest possible product to convey the clearest possible message.


Choose from our veteran male or female voice over artists to be the voice of your project. Whether a booming movie trailer voice or a heartfelt testimony is needed, we have the right VO artist for you. Need to replace dialog for a scene? We have a vast array of microphones to match your production and the latest software to match the original performance. The audience may never notice that dialog has been replaced.

Sound Design

Much more than dropping in a few simple sound effects, careful sound design can transport your viewer into the scene aurally. Our sound effects library is vast, ensuring you have every background ambiance, noise and effect your production requires to succeed.

5.1 Surround & Atmos Mixing

We don’t live in a stereo sound field. We are surrounded by our environment and that’s also how we hear things. We offer 5.1 & 7.1  surround, as well as Atmos mixing of dialog, music and sound effects for your project. We can also upmix, taking your stereo soundtrack and turning it into a 5.1 surround format to satisfy delivery specs of your distributor.

Foley & Sweetening

A film isn’t real life–it has to be BIGGER than life, and it has to sound bigger than life. We can handle all foley (sounds made by a person’s hands and feet) to add realism to your project. Sound sweetening, adding sound effects to enhance normal sounds, can also give your project the extra edge.



Merwitches – Artist View Ent.

Z-Rex – Artist View Ent.

Tsunambee – Artist View Ent.

Make Happy – Netflix

Sector 4 –  Lionsgate

Fractured – Seven Arts Pictures

Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret – Lifetime

S.E.R.E – Black Tag Films

Tortilla Heaven – Main Line

It’s A Dog’s Life – Rafiki Films

Trouble & Kids – Blue Horizon Int.

Raiders of the Damned – Image Entertainment

Carpool Guy – Public Media Works

Eating Insects –  Showtime

Real Women Have Curves – HBO

Dream Warrior – Arclight

Pelea De Gallos – Showtime

Making of the Lord of the Rings – NBC


Crime Watch Daily – Warner Bros.

Extra – Warner Bros.

Ellen – NBC/Universal

Dr. Phil – Warner Bros.

Ellen – Warner Bros.

Operation Repo – TruTV

East Los High – Hulu

Beauties & the Boss – Mun2

12 Corazones – Telemundo

EI Mediador – Telemundo

Transformate – Telemundo

Decisiones De Mujeres – NBC/Universal

Telemundo News – NBC/Universal

Reality Remix – FOX

Making of the Lord of the Rings – NBC

The Laker’s Show – NBC/Universal

Amor O Mentira – NBC/Universal

The Daily Buzz – Warner Bros.

Operation Repo

This run-away hit show finally moves to syndication after using Al's theme music as the opening of the show for over 16 years on TruTV!


This mind-bending feature film showcases Alvaro Morello's music throughout, including the open theme of the movie.


The backdrop of this talk/variety show features many of Al's tracks to convey the heart-felt connection to cause and community. Airs daily.

Crime Watch Daily

Chris Hansen now hosts the multi-emmy-award-winning Crime Watch Daily. Alvaro Morello composed much or the action-packed, driving music for the show.


From the producers of Z-Rex and Tsunambee, scoring has begun for Merwitches, a new horror feature set for release in mid 2018.


Waspnado (originally titled Tsunambee) is out now in the UK and soon to be released on streaming platforms in the U.S. The feature film was scored by Alvaro Morello.

Netflix: Bo Burnham

Alvaro co-wrote and produced all of the music in Bo Burnham's latest Netflix special. A hilarious mix of music, SFX and comedy.


This cult-classic-in-the-making is already getting rave reviews, even before it's U.S. release later next year. The score by Alvaro Morello is specifically mentioned in many of the reviews as a "stand out."

Hulu: East Los High

The final season of Hulul's East Los High is now available for streaming. Alvaro contributed both pop songs and underscore for the series.


The day time emmy-award-winning show continues to feature Alvaro's foot-stomping dance tracks and airs daily.

Gear List


Teletronix LA-2A

API 2500 Mastering Compressor

Empirical Labs Distressor (2)

UBK Mod Empirical Labs Fatso

Warm Audio 1176 Compressor

SB4000 SSL Bus Comp Clone

A-Design Pacifica Mic Pre (2)

API 512-c Mic Pre (2)

Vintech Audio 273 (Neve Clone)

Avalon Design 737 sp Channel Strip

Avalon Design 2022 Mic Pre

Avalon U5 Direct Box (2)

Focusrite 220 Channel Strip






Fender American Strat

Fender American Telecaster

Gibson Les Paul

Gibson 335

Paul Reed Smith CE-22

Paul Reed Smith Single Cut

Nashville Telecaster

Taylor 816CE Acoustic

Gibson J45 Acoustic

Taylor Classical

Alvarez Yairi Classical

Fender American Jazz Bass

Fender American P-Bass

Peavey 5 String Bass

Ludwig 5 Piece Maple (1976)

Drum Workshop  5 Piece Maple

Mesa Boogie, Vox, Fender Amps




Neumann U87 Ai

Neumann TLM-103 (2)

Neuman KM84

Neuman KM84i (2)

AKG 414-eb

AKG C451 B

AKG D-112

AKG D-12

Sennheiser MKH-40

Sennheiser MKH 416

Sennheiser MD 421 (4)

Sennheiser e604 (3)

Shure SM58

Shure SM57

Shure SM57 (Unidyne)

Shure SM7

Oktava MK012 (2)

Elecro Voice RE20


Studio Pics

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